Tips for a Maternity Shoot

Hi! So in all honesty, I really did maternity photos (aka 15 minutes of giving my mom the camera and directing her through it) because I realized I hadn't taken many photos in general throughout this whole process but it wasn't something that I was obsessed with the idea of doing. I knew I wanted to photos to look back on but the newborn ones are much more important to me. 

So having said that, the advice below is definitely coming from the photographer side of me NOT the client side. This is one of the few dresses that fit and it was kind of all last minute so definitely do as I say not as a do for a successful maternity shoot :) 

  • What do I wear? Try and find something that flatters the bump while also finding something your comfortable in. Like I mentioned, this dress fit but this is not usually the coloring I recommend. For beach shoots, I find pastels look really pretty with khakis- it just compliments the sand and that beach grass really well. Also, keep in mind- if you're doing a long dress, if it's one similar to mine, you will have to pretty much always have a hand below your belly to show off the bump. If you don't want to do that, look for something like Stephanie's red dress here where the bump is plenty accentuated on its own. Another side note (which I did not follow) is that if you want to mix it up, it helps to go with texture as opposed to patterned. So you can put a chunky open sweater on if it's colder or something along those lines. It's a save way to add some depth without worrying about conflicting patterns. 
  • How do I choose a location? Honestly, a lot of people ask me this as the photographer so your best bet is starting there. They know the best local spots and the best times to go. Now if you're pulling a me and doing it on your own, focus on a beach or park where you know you can at least have a little separation so you don't have to deal with cars in the background or people constantly walking through the shot. 
  • How do I not look awkward? So I struggle with this on the reg. Which is why I'm the photographer not the subject. When it all comes down to it, don't force it. I try to start in regular poses that you would do regardless of being pregnant- typical standing next to each other, hugging from behind, those sorts of things and then adjust for the bump. My (personal) view on maternity photography is it's more like an engagement shoot with a belly as opposed to focusing on it. Now A LOT of people see that differently, so that's just my opinion but it certainly helps you feel a little less awkward. 

Comment below if you have any maternity shoot questions! 

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