My Neutral Navy

~ Navy Dress: Boutique in Mackinac (similar here and here)  //  Slides: Vanelis (similar here and here)  //  Scarf: Same boutique- sorry! But you can find a similar one here. ~ 

This was a look that I wore for a date night with Ry when we were Mackinac for an impromptu 2 1/2 week vacation! Thanks hurricane irma- but we weren't complaining. I am thinking about doing a guide to Mackinac- thoughts? Interesting? or nah? 

This trip has really made Ry and I think about moving back to Michigan at some point. We love our life in South Florida- and are super close to both sets of parents- but we just feel so at home in Michigan. We have steps to make- we want to start a family and I want to build up my photography business but we really do love the midwest. 

On to the outfit- I'm not entirely sure why it's taken me so long to realize this but let me tell you, navy has always been and I'm pretty sure will always be my neutral. There's something that it's an element of color that works all year round but not as stark as black that is just so wonderful. This dress is so comfy- and affordable!- and I knew I had to have it. 

I also wanted to steal these slides from my grandma sooo badly but she told me I couldn't have them :( but I'm determined to find a pair- they were the perfect fall staple.

the outlaw,