9 Wedding Registry Must-Haves

9 wedding registry must-haves.jpg

I figured with Ry and I just celebrating our one-year anniversary I would evaluate what was truly to most important on our wedding registry list. What was on your registry that you can't live without? 

1. Kate Spade Plates and 2. Kate Spade Bowls: I am seriously obsessed with them. Ry and I mixed and matched her four sets but they're durable, adorable and most importantly, do great in the dishwasher. 

3. Pottery Barn Blanket: Ry didn't want to put a $100 blanket (or whatever it costs) on our registry but now he is seriously obsessed. He calls it our napping blanket and uses it everyday. 

4. Pottery Barn Book Shelf: This was a game changer. We felt weird putting it on our registry because it was so expensive but an entire family of aunts and uncles went in on it together and we would have a serious book problem if we didn't have it. 

5. Pottery Barn Wine Rack: This was one that we hesitated one because it was like are we really fancy enough to have a wine rack? The answer is probably not but I am OCD enough that it's amazing to not have wine bottles sitting on my counter tops. 

6. Samsonite Matching Suitcases: These are seriously the best suitcases ever! We both got the carry-on size and they fit so much without being bulky and are so easy to maneuver. 

7. Rowenta Iron: So I'm sad because I couldn't find the EXACT one that we have but investing in a good iron is a serious game changer. Now ironing it's as painful as it was before :) 

8. Aroma Rice Maker: Okay, so this probably should've been #1. Ry and I are really rice challenged and could never get it right (don't judge us.) If you have the same problem, you NEED this in your life. 

9. Rowenta Steamer: Words can't even justify this guy. I use it almost every day and it's truly a life saver. 

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