365 Days of Marriage

Photography by McCoy Made

Ceremony Venue: St. Anne's Church

Reception Venue: The Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

Wedding Planner: For the Love of Mackinac (Carol is seriously an angel)

Floral/ Catering/ Cake: The Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

I can't beleive Ry and I have already been married for a full year! When I first thought about doing a "one year of marriage" post, I thought I was going to write all of these insightful things of what the first year of marriage is like. I read all of these articles when we were engaged (and people told us) that the first year is the hardest. There's adjustments to be made (which were more than the 487296 steps to change my last name) but that in the bliss of being married, there would be an element of struggle. 

Well, if the first year of marriage is the hardest, Ry and I are in pretty great shape. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not naive- I know there are hard times to come (it's pretty inevitable in life) but there's no one else I would tackle life with. Ry makes me laugh and deals with me being legitimately crazy (one time I was sitting on the floor of our closet crying because I felt like I didn't have clothes to wear? don't ask) but he claims to love me anyway. 

So my advice? I don't really have any. I will tell you that communicating is our absolute key. There have been times where we certainly get frustrated but instead of storming off and cleaning (definitely my move) we talk about it right then and there and we forget about it 20 minutes later. 

Ry, I have loved every single of the 365 days we've been married and can't wait to see what all the days ahead have to bring us. 

Also, I never shared this but below is our wedding video (which I watch probably on a weekly basis) by the AMAZING Drew Mason. Guys, if I have a piece of advice about your wedding day- HIRE A VIDEOGRAPHER! Seriously I'm obsessed. Okay, I'll just let you guys watch it now. Oh, and if you wanna know about our planning, details or our wedding day you can visit some older blog posts here and here

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