Diamond Head + Pearl Harbor

How cute is he?! 

So the hike really wasn't that bad but boy, these stairs were hard

~ Sports Bra: lululemon (similar here) //  Tank: lululemon (similar here) //  Shorts: lululemon (I love these because they fit a little looser) ~ 

Ry and I will seriously be in withdrawal from Hawaii for the rest of our lives. It was absolutely beautiful and even though we travelled for what felt like years - on both legs of the trip- it was worth it a thousand times over.

These pictures are from one of our excursion days when we started with the Diamond Headhike (super kid friendly and easy- it's all paved- but start early!) and then went to Pearl Harbor. We had tickets for the Arizona Memorial (the only one you have to get tickets before for) for 1 p.m. but were there by 10:30 a.m. whoops- so we went and did the Missouri and we are sooooo glad we did! It was truly amazing. Also, I didn't realize I knew so little about the history so it was super fascinating. 

There's plenty more posts coming from our week-long vacay so stay tuned! 

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