Waimea Valley + VLOG

~ Jean shorts: Lucky (I'm seriously obsessed and I wore them almost every day in Hawaii)  //  Swimsuit: Swim n' Sport (top/bottom) (I also found it here and here  and a one piece!~ 

Ry and I were so proud of ourselves when we found Waimea Valley! This was our spontaneous portion of the trip. We were trying to kill time before dinner in North Shore and came across the valley and said why not? So we hiked - literally it looks like Jurassic Park- and then jumped in the water fall! It was decently cold (#floridaproblems) but swam and touched the waterfall and then immediately got out! 

Ry and I are desperately now obsessed with hiking so if you any one has any recommendations really anywhere in Florida- yes, I know what I'm asking, FL is very flat but it's worth a shot- we're all for it! 

As for the video below, Ry and I have decided while it is more work and you have to consciously get video footage everywhere you go (we didn't succeed this trip but we got better!) that we want to make a little mini vlog for every big trip we go on. We've already watched it four times and it's just such a nice way to relive your trip. PS any vlog/editing/video tips you guys have feel free to pass them along! 

the outlaw,