Fawn Design

~ Bag: Fawn Design  //  Shirt: Banana Republic  //  Shorts: Banana Republic  //  Shoes: Skechers (these are seriously so comfortable!) ~ 

Since I started photographing families and especially now that I have gotten into weddings, I was looking for the perfect camera bag. One that was easily accessible, especially meaning I didn't have to lay it on the ground to open it, but also lightweight and if we're being honest, cute. I came across Fawn Design because of a blogger I follow and she had advertised it as a camera bag so I immediately fell in love. It was when I went to the website that I realized it was actually a diaper bag but let me tell you- it's still the best bag of all time. It holds so much! I fit a built camera, a 70-200 mm and my flash in there. I constantly wear it as a backpack if I don't really need to dig into it and then as a messenger bag when I need it more accessible. I honestly don't think I'll go back to any other camera bag :) (And if we're being honest, I'll probably order one as a diaper bag when we get to that point- NOT a spoiler alert - we are not having a child yet.) 

the outlaw,