Finding & Purchasing Our First Home


**Literally the only picture we took on moving day- whoops!**

Ryan and I are still in utter shock at 1) we are homeowners and 2) how quickly it all happened! We know that some people search for months and months before they found their dream home but Ry and I were very lucky that ours popped up right away. 

Everyone has different situations and experiences but I thought I would share our home buying experience because before we started, I had no idea how ANY of this worked so hopefully some of what we went through will help you! If you missed it, you can read the part 1 of buying a home that I wrote a few weeks ago and how we handled prepping to look for a home. 

Taking the plunge: There were a few instances in West Palm- nothing dangerous or to us personally- but just downtown situations that kind of pushed us to finally call Matt (our incredible real estate agent) and officially start looking for a home in Jupiter. We were just so over being downtown and wanted to see what was realistically in our price range and if we could really afford to do this. Within 24 hours, Matt had given us a list of 16 properties- all townhomes and all in Abacoa. Then there was one- I was obsessed! I told Ry that we had to see it immediately. It was adorable, in a great section of Abacoa, and in a price range we could afford. 

Seeing the first house: So we saw this house at lunch the following day- Ryan and I definitely had disagreements on the house but we made an offer anyway. Writing this now, I still can't believe we did it. Luckily, fate was on our side and we didn't get the house- seriously the best thing that ever happened. it was wasn't the house for us so don't let yourself get swept away in something you both don't absolutely love. 

Our home: At this point, we had received our loan approval and realized we had a little more flexibility in our budget than we thought- woo hoo! So this opened a few more doors for us. Ryan was leaving to go to Tampa for two weeks so we wanted to look at one more property- just to compare it- to see what we could get for our $$$. So Friday evening, we saw it. It had 10 foot ceilings, as open of a layout as you can get for a townhome, away from the main road, and a two car garage. All of a sudden Ry and I looked at each other and realized it could be the one. The one that was supposed to just be a sample was quickly becoming our home. 

We saw our home Friday afternoon. Made an offer Friday night. Had a counter offer Saturday morning. Made a counter offer Saturday afternoon. Had a counter offer Sunday morning and were signing contracts Sunday afternoon. 

Over the next 30 days, there were countless emails from the mortgage company, insurance agency, home owner's association, inspection company, Matt, water company, sewer company, FPL, the list goes on- but if you just keep in mind what it's all going towards, it makes it way easier. Also, if you're local, we used Family Mortgage and guys honestly- they made things soooo easy. They handled so much of the paperwork- and dealing with other vendors- on their end it took a huge weight off of us. I highly recommend them! 

November 13 rolled around real quick and a couple of hours later we signed the papers and got the keys! Again, I know some people don't have the same experience and Ry and I feel so blessed that we did. 

We're so excited to finally have a place of our own! I am hoping to do some before and afters and updates on decorating because I'm kinda obsessed with all of that. But first, rush to unpack so I can decorate for Christmas!! 

the outlaw,