Family Thanksgiving Video

Happy New Years, friends!! (okay, it's way past New Years but that's when I started writing this post)

In typical Magee fashion, I procrastinated big time, and just now got around to finalizing the video I made for our THANKSGIVING holiday. Oops!! Better late than never, right? 

As you know, the Magee family is very spread out (Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, Washington DC, Michigan, AHHH), and we don't get to see each other as often as we would like. Because of this, our time together has come to be so special and what better way to document that special time than a video. Hope you guys enjoy!

P.S. In case you guys missed it in our actual Thanksgiving post, Rylee and the gang surprised EVERYONE (except Torey- she knew and we were all so jealous) hence all of the screaming and crying at the beginning of the video.

love, the procrastinator

yes, this is maddie and yes it took me this long to come up with a name (hence, the name)