Do's and Don'ts of Traveling Abroad (Definitely not an Expert)

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These photos are all of our one day of pure tourist in London back at the beginning of the month but I'd thought I'd go a different route than just tell you guys about our trip on this post.  If anybody out there followed my personal blog from the beginning (hi mom) then you know I don't do well with change (visit the "when the day decides your plans don't matter" post to get more insight on that). 

I'm going to start off by saying that Ry and I had an amazing time in Europe (Paris post coming later!) but our luck was not the best when this trip started out so I decided to use our experience as a Do and Don't list for anybody traveling abroad. 

Disclaimer: This was literally my second time traveling abroad so take this all with a grain of salt.

DO: Be prepared for traveling delays when there is a hurricane in your state, even if it's on the other coast. Yes, as a Floridian I definitely should've known that but I thought connecting through PHILADELPHIA we would be fine. We were not. 

  • Reality: So we were supposed to fly from Miami --> Philadelphia --> Dublin and have about 24 hours in the city- two tours were booked and we had a room at a castle. Our flight from Miami to Philadelphia was delayed seven times (cool) making us miss our connector in Philly. The only way to reroute us was to get us into Dublin at 12:45 pm instead of 6:30 am so we had to bail on it all together :( The good news? (Although, I had to admit, I had a hard time seeing the good news through my tears at the airport- whoops) we got an extra day in London -  arrived at 8:30 am- and were able to see way more than we would have been able to. 

DON'T: Check a bag if you don't have to! I am so glad Ryan convinced me that we could fit 5 days into two small rollers because our first 24 hours were kind of a nightmare but I can't even imagine what it would've been like if we had to worry about checked bags. 

  • Reality: So in the rerouting, we then went Miami --> JFK --> London and let me tell you, JFK might be the worst airport of all time (sorry anybody out there that disagrees). There literally is no signage whatsoever and oh- we ended up having to go back through security and made it to our gate as we were boarding. Needless to say, if we had checked baggage we 100% would've missed our connecting and then been stuck in JFK. If I thought I was emotional in Miami, bless Ryan's soul for dealing with me if THAT had happened. 

DO: Definitely check the address of your AirBnB five times before giving it to the Uber driver. 

  • I was super prepared and printed out every confirmation of every detail of our European adventure so I could be prepared. But after being awake for 24 hours I may have pulled out the first piece of paper that had an address on it. Bad news? It was the address to where rehearsal dinner was, 45 minutes away from our AirBnB. Good news? We knew were to go the next day but in hindsight, I would've save us the hour car ride and 45 pounds. 

DO or DON'T: So I was the one who ordered a this kate spade passport holder because it came in a really pretty green case, but it's actually kind of annoying to take it out of the case every time you use it. Also, passport control people are not amused by them. On the other hand, we got Ry's from Fossil and it has the security thing (so technical, I know) built in so that people can't use those scanners and steal your info and that gave us a little more piece of mind because he carried the credit cards. 

DO: Check your credit cards- Capital One is unreal and didn't have any transaction fees so we used that for a lot of the trip! Including Uber, which was awesome. It definitely made our lives easier. 

DO: Take the train if you can! The chunnel train that we took from London to Paris was incredibly easy, so nice and just so simple I would do that over in a heartbeat. 

I hope that these tips help you in your next adventure or at least you were entertained by our trip :) If any of you are curious as to what we actually did with our 24 hours of tourism, we did the Big Bus Tour (definitely recommend for a short period of time), and took the tube to Wimbeldon! The tennis fan in me was so happy :) We went to some pubs that night (I'm so British, I know) and then wedding celebrations galore!

If you want to see photos from the wedding, head over to my photography blog- you should check it out, everything was so stunning!

The Out-Law,