Hearts Full of Love

We told you that the Labor Day Weekend post would have a second part, and here it is. A photo dump really. Thanks again to Shannon for styling us and DC for offering a good mix of free adventures, iced coffee, and trendy backdrops. And thanks to Mads and Tor for driving such a distance to visit us!

A major thanks to Shannon for styling us in her clothes. We're not actually this trendy FYI.

~photo taken while repeatedly chanting cheers~ / the making of a boomerang without the boomerang app

Not pictured: the massive dumpster next to us reeking of 5 week old fish and dirty diapers. But come on, you would do it too if you saw this wall.

~ Torey's outfit: shirt: J. Crew  /  skirt: similar here  /  shoes: Birkenstock  /  purse: Kate Spade  //  Maddie's outfit: shirt: similar here  /  shorts: Old Navy (other palm shorts here)  /  shoes: other pineapple sandals here /  necklace: J. Crew ~

And another one of the ND crew for good measure!

The Bestest Sisters,

Rylee, Torey, and Maddie