The Beauty of a Spontaenous Date Night

~  Sweater: Banana Republic ( similar one here)   /   Jeans: Lucky Brand (old, similar here and here)  /  Shoes: Halogen (last season but fall version here)   /  Bracelet: Kate Spade - a gift from my sister-in-laws :)   ~ 

A while back I mentioned that I wanted to make sure that Ry and I took full advantage of where we live- whether it be just going for a walk on the beach or head downtown for a date night. But unfortunately what ends up happening is that we blame it on money and end up not doing anything. While budgeting and spending within your means is important, I think it's also important for you and your significant other to take time for each other. Get out of the apartment and just be with together. That's what Ry and I did a couple months back when we did the shoot above. We had both had long days and just needed to get out. The beauty of it all, was that when we went downtown (totally prepared to be those people who used coupons on happy hour) we found out there was a food festival going on right downtown! On top of that, I ordered a root beer beer (have you had one of those? because they're amazing), the keg tapped out after almost the whole cup was full so it was free! It's the little things guys. 

It was such a great impromptu night and it makes you realize that you don't have to have some big expensive date night to have a memorable night :) 

the outlaw,