The view outside our hotel room!

~   Jeans: Lucky Brand   /   Shirt: Target (PJ shirt lol)   /  Shoes: Nike (old, similar here and here)   ~

Continuing on our September theme of abroad travel, we go to Paris- which was absolutely stunning! We were so sad that we only had a day there and it was the last day of our trip so we were so exhausted and we just felt like we didn't give it all of the attention it deserved so we're definitely making a trip back there. 

We took the tube from London to Paris- it was so cool and soooo easy! To be honest, I thought it was going to be hectic and I don't travel well internationally but it was truly so easy and great. When we got to Paris, we checked into our adorable hotel, where they set us up for the Bus Tour and a boat cruise that night. As touristy as the bus tour is, it was truly the best way to see the whole city in one day. 

We got off the bus at the Eiffel Tower (if we're being honest, was the only time that Ry and I really felt like we had to keep an eye on our stuff and be aware of our surroundings) and we ate an eclair while sitting in the park- a major bucket list item for me :) 

We went back to our hotel room, freshened up, had an amazing meal (where I definitely offended the entire wait staff because I was too full to finish my meal- such an american) and then wandered down the streets until we felt like we were going to collapse. 

Our trip to Europe was definitely a whirlwind and while we felt that we saw enough of London, Paris, we'll definitely be back :) 

The Out-Law,