Restaurant Exploration: Brookland's Finest

In addition to our regular posts of our every day adventures from the trip to the grocery store to city excursions we will be working together each month for two posts. The first, which you have already witnessed, is a collaborative post that resembles a Q and A. The second is a collection of individual posts all on the same theme chosen by one of the sisters. Seniority rules and my choice for the first month is Restaurant Exploration: go out to a local place you've been meaning to try and tell us about it. Throughout the month you'll get to hear from the rest of the girls about their dining experiences elsewhere but tonight is for my CUA people and Brookland lovers.

Brooklands Finest is supposed to be just that, serving all the best local brews. It's new since I last lived here and I've been dying to try it. Tim and I really like getting into the brewery scene as much as possible, Harpoon was our Boston favorite and so we thought this would be a good introduction to our new neighborhood. Unfortunately, if this were a Yelp review, I'd only give it 2.5 starts. Thankfully its a blog post so I'll skim instead of being openly nasty. 

We decided to head out for apps and drinks after a Sunday Mass. The best part about city living is all the opportunities within walking distance. We loaded up the mini van of a stroller to keep a very mobile Gemma occupied for the evening. The environment was stellar with great lighting, indoor and outdoor space, and a phenomenal playlist that wasn't too loud (something you become more aware of with small children). But they were weird about us having our stroller by the table even though they were in no way crowded. Best of all, the beer menu was entirely local. Worst of all, there were no descriptions of them on the menu and the waitress was completely unhelpful in describing them and had to go to the bar to ask more than once. The apps were tasty and reasonably priced but service was slow and when it was time for the check Gemma was OVER IT, like temper tantrum over it, and our waitress was no where to be found and when she did notice our frazzled looks it didn't spring her into action. We just listened to our baby scream and prayed the rest of the restaurant didn't blame us for her pace... Life with unpredictable babies is almost as bad as life with unpredictable waitresses.


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