Restaurant Exploration: Sno-Ball Cabin

Something about shaved ice in the summer time brings me back to my youth, and I do not hate it! I've been driving past this cute little Sno-Ball Cabin every Sunday on my way to and from Church and was excited to have an excuse this month to finally test it out. I have to say, now that I've been once, there's no stopping me from going back every day!

With over 60 flavors (including sugar-free options!), there's no chance of getting bored, but there is a high chance that I will not be able to make up my mind... Decisiveness is not a quality I inherited. So when the employee recommended the Bahama Mama, I jumped on it! (In the sugar-free option because I was supposed to be on a clean eating challenge, but I'll blog about that later.)

The Birthday Cake, Sugar-Free Bahama Mama, and Peach flavors did not disappoint!

The Birthday Cake, Sugar-Free Bahama Mama, and Fuzzy Navel flavors did not disappoint!

~ Shirt: Lush (white is sold out, but it comes in 5 other colors!) | Bralette: Aerie (old, similar here) ~

Is this not the cutest little cabin? We enjoyed our treats while watching the sunset over Monroe, NC. Seriously if you live in the Charlotte/Monroe area (I'm talking to you PT friends) you have to check this place out! And make sure to pick me up on your way because I'm dying to try out the coffee flavor with caramel drizzle!

The favorite,