Twitches and Tacos

If I could make one wish, it would be to live closer to all of my family, but as the saying goes, distance makes the heart grow fonder and the tacos taste better... or something like that. When given the chance to stop through one of the sister's cities or make a spontaneous road trip, I never hesitate. Cincinnati just so happens to be directly on the route from Indiana to Charlotte, making it a perfect rest stop on my drive home from summer break. And so begins sister date night with Torey and Maddie, or as we make some people call us- the twitches.

Once again the Magee girls caught playing a game of dress up, because that's what adulting really is, right? Time and time again you'll hear about our indecisiveness, and this night it was all about fried chicken versus tacos. Ultimately, the promise of guacamole and margaritas won, and I've never been more thankful for a decision before.


When deciding where to eat in Cincinnati, you simply cannot go wrong in OTR - Over the Rhine. It's just around the corner from downtown, and it's ever-so-lovely to rent a bike and see all the hidden sights. We loved Bakersfield, but The Eagle is known for their gourmet fried chicken, Taste of Belgium for their brunches and Belgian Waffles, and A Tavola for their homemade pizzas. If you find yourself in the area, make sure to pay Findlay Market a visit and give tribute to some of The Queen City's most famous local eateries and natural goodies. 

~I've gotten so many questions about both of these Lush off-the-shoulder looks but can't find links for either of them :( For more Lush off-the-shoulder options that we love look here or here or here.~

Twitchisms (of the evening):

  • Ordering Bakersfield's green salsa to-go and getting two giant bowls of it
  • Making Torey ask the waiter how old he was and leave her number
  • Placing bets on who buys ice-cream
  • Matching Pajamas 
  • Destroying *almost* 2 entire Graeter's pints of ice-cream while watching a movie

Look out for more "twitchisms" this weekend when Maddie visits Charlotte- Torey's Queen City. How ironic that we both live in THE Queen City!

The Twitches,

Maddie and Torey