Restaurant Exploration: Yard House

To our dearest darnedest readers, 

If this blog is about quickly getting to know the 5 Magee sisters, then I won't hesitate giving you the low down. I am the procrastinator of the family. Here I sit, in my bed, all dressed and ready to pass out, 11:55 on Wednesday night. This post airs tomorrow. And I am just now starting it. *Queue That's Just The Way We Roll by the Jonas Brothers* That's really all the introduction you should need to understand me. 

Anyway, I am here to talk to you about my restaurant exploration in Cincinnati, OH, my second home for almost 4 years now. I have been exploring it for awhile and there are so many hidden gems and tiny adventures to share. Today, not only do you get a new ~not so hidden~ gem (it's a chain, but also a lesson I recently learned. 

This summer marks my first experience of having a full time job. And guys, I am so exhausted and so busy ALL THE TIME. I don't know how you full time workers and full time parents do it. But also, why didn't any of you warn me?! I get home at 6pm Monday-Friday and still have all the chores and responsibilities that come with renting a house, not to mention a separate weekend job and an online class. I daily fight the urge to plop on my couch and sleep until I have to get up the next day, only to repeat the same process.  

Thanks to this blog, I have actually been forced to get out and about. Yes, my restaurant exploration was a forced event. What I have found is that not every day can be a perfect candid polaroid. Maybe most days you plop. If that's your case, I encourage you to force yourself to partake in some new adventure, even though you would much rather sit and watch Netflix with your Graeter's ice-cream and boxer shorts on. (What? I'm not doing that right now). Since I've come up with a post-work routine and am trying to stay as active as possible, I have found myself feeling much more energized, satisfied, optimistic, and progressive throughout my week. Although I still procrastinate, I can still be productive! 

Lessons From Maddie:

To all you workaholics,

Splurge every once in awhile

Live and love your happy hours ;)

Find a balance between work and play

Being busy is not an excuse to be a bad friend, girlfriend, wife, mother, etc. 

Your girlfriends still need you and, quite frankly, you need them too

You can make time

Do it for yourself

Now I may have to read this a thousand times to get it really nailed down in my noggin', but I stand by it none the less! Do as I say, because I'm going to try too.

Without further ado: my forced restaurant exploration to Yard House!!!!! Yard House is a high-end sports bar nestled in between the Reds' and the Bengals' stadiums. I'd heard rumors about their yard tall cup of beer, but I was WAY too full to take on the challenge myself. Maybe next time. My best friends and roommates came along: Lauren, Shannon and Olivia. It stormed right before we got there (see below) and it was refreshing to sit outside after the storm and just catch up. It was really lovely just to take a deep breath and know that your best friends are surrounding you. And it was definitely beyond amazing to finally splurge and have a legitimate delicious prepared FEAST!! Enjoy :) 



the procrastinator,