Love Ludington

Meghan and Torey here! Some days require being a tourist in your own town, and this was one of those days. It seems to be about time we introduce you to a place that is near and dear to all of our hearts: Ludington, Michigan. The tiniest of tourist towns, nestled on the coast of Lake Michigan. The place where our parents fell in love. Where we spent endless summers picking vegetables in grandpa's "kingdom". Where cousins became best friends. No matter what we call our current zip code, nothing will feel more like home than driving past the "houses on a hill" and pulling into our little "Ohana" house at the end of North George Lane. Over the next weeks and months and years to come you will hear all of us brag on our favorite home. Meghan was lucky enough to spend her whole summer up in Ludington, but I (Torey) only got 10 days up north. I spent most of my days reading in the backyard (what did everyone think about the newest Harry Potter book??) and soaking in the rays on the lake, which left the last day for some major tourist-ing. My requests for the final day in Ludington included The Book Mark's iced vanilla chai tea lattes, House of Flavors ice cream, and twinning with my baby sister. (Not pictured: Meghan wearing a sweatshirt in 80 degree weather because she was ashamed to match me.)

IMG_0954 [279235].JPG

It's always worth standing in oncoming traffic to snap a shot like this! A little while back I won the ultimate Instagram giveaway from Lush Clothing! They sent me an entire summer wardrobe, and included in the box were Meghan and I's matching cold-shoulder tops (so cute, right??) Obviously, this meant we needed a twinning photoshoot. Keep your eyes open for some future posts featuring more of my favorite items from Lush. Their summer clothes are starting to go on massive sale, but they're selling out so act fast!

~ Tops: Lush Clothing; also found here (both on mega sale!) | Torey's Jeans: American Eagle ~

The picture perfect reaction to Torey's request that Meghan "channel her inner Christine" aka be a model.

You can't go to Ludington without going to House of Flavors at least once! (or in my case, back to back days for good measure!) Fun fact: our mom used to work here when she was growing up!

The third and final shot we forced dad to take of us before he returned to watch Detroit Tigers baseball. He doesn't quite understand the whole blog thing (he kept making fun of us for "playing dress up" to go to Walmart!), but we'll take this as a win because it's better than taking selfies.


Torey and Meghan