Flower Girl Princess

We enjoyed our midwestern vacation seasoned with two weddings in one week this summer. Tim's sister got married in Indiana just 6 days before Ryan and Christine. I have a million pictures and will recap the whole joyous occasion on my personal blog with more detail than you would ever want or need but while I cultivate that post I figured I would photo dump a bit here too. 

Gemma was the flower girl for this wedding as it was her godmother getting married! The dress was a princess marshmallow and she mostly hated it but tolerated the get up in order to appease the adoring fans. As soon as the pictures in the church were done we striped her down and let her run free, diaper only, because we are the parents that have a naked baby 10 feet from the altar... To add to her melodrama, she then had a whole new outfit for the reception. I hope you smile as much through these as I will (and it's my 43rd time looking at them... today.)

Not quite sure about the cake... excited for the first birthday!

The Cute One,