Restaurant Explortation: Banko Cantina & The Alchemist

~ Shirt: Halogen (old, similar here and I love this one in a similar color)   |    Skirt: Banana Republic (sold out, different pattern here)   |  Shoes: Soludos (also have them in flats and both are so comfortable!)  ~ 

Last month, Ry and I decided that as our last date night as a "single" couple, we were going to be adventurous and try some place new ("coincidentally" lined up with this month's theme of restaurant exploration). We were in the midst of unpacking from our move of apartments, packing for the wedding, him swamped with work and me editing a video and we decided we needed to take a moment and appreciate each other, forget the stress and get out of the apartment. 

So we both got dressed up and went downtown. I've been wanting to try Banko Cantina for awhile- it opened downtown about two months ago- but we had a lot of places we've wanted to try so we just stopped there for a drink and an app and it was delicious! We sat at the bar where the decor is similar to a dressed up and trendier Cabo Flats and got their homemade salsa and it was incredible. The bartender was so informative and we found out that the building had been pretty much abandoned for the last 30 years but prior to that, it was a bank that helped fund the building of Palm Beach- waaaay back in the day which is where the name Banko Cantina came from. He could've been totally pulling our leg but either way he was believable and made an awesome margarita so hats off to him. They also have a rooftop bar, which we found out is only open during season- so Septemberish to April- so we'll definitely be going back during the cooler months to have a Margarita on the roof :) 

Afterwards, we decided to go grab dinner at The Alchemist. We had been there for happy hour before and wanted to take the full plunge and eat a meal there. The waiter convinced us- in our spirit of being adventurous- to try the bone marrow appetizer and while it was good, it's definitely an acquired taste and  a one time experience for me... The food was delicious! Definitely a date night place because you pay the price for the trendiness level but we're glad we went! 

The Out-Law,