Thanksgiving 2016

Nothing like a throwback to Thanksgiving to start the countdown until we are all reunited again in 11 days. (but who's counting??) Rylee and Tim (with the help of Torey) pulled off the biggest surprise of 2016! They drove through the night from D.C. to Tarpon Springs to knock on mom and dad's door at 7 AM the day before Thanksgiving. I don't know who was more confused by that wakeup call, mom or Gemma. The mission to get Gemma to Grandma was accomplished, and we still had 8 more people to surprise! We would love to say the rest of the week was pure perfection, but the ever present sling in the below picture begs to differ. It wouldn't be a Magee get-together without at least one minor injury, right? Meghan had a little incident on the bike and broke her elbow. Now, we're all getting helmets for Christmas.

Things we've learned from our injuries:

  1. Wearing crocs cures injuries. (Questionable advice, dad..)
  2. DO NOT eat a muffin before surgery.
  3. Don't forget your I.D. when going to the hospital. And when you drive home to retrieve said I.D., don't forget it again.
  4. Go to the hospital. Don't walk around an entire city first.
  5. To be continued...

^^ proof there's always an awkward getting ready photo


Gemma's photoshoot :) 

And then obviously Christine made Ryan take photos and Murphy wanted to join 

With big surprises, a house filled with family and the scents of Turkey dinner, days spent by the pool and on the bike trail, one injury, and countless memories, Magee Thanksgiving 2016 was one for the books. Now on to Christmas!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving,

The Sister crew