Whole 30: Week Two

I told you I'd be back! This week with some staples for your shopping list. Normally I dread the grocery shop and go as infrequently as possible, like every two weeks at the most. I am a Costco aficionado and buy most things in bulk and freeze what I can but this is a lot harder when all you can eat comes from the produce section. So now that I'm shopping once a week at the minimum, I'll share the Whole 30 items I make sure are stocked in my pantry before each shopping trip.

  1. Lara Bars: I already told you that I make some from scratch in bulk that I keep in the freezer but I also keep these on hand in the pantry to toss in the diaper bag for myself in a pinch.
  2. Himalyan Pink Salt: Splurging for fancy salt is not something I, or my budget, would normally allow, but when you're not eating anything else, sometimes your eggs or plain avacado just need a little somethin somethin.
  3. Freeze Dried Fruit Crisps: We buy these for Gemma and I have brought one in my lunch every day for the past two weeks. Sorry baby! I buy them in bulk from Wegmans (our normal grocery store) because Gem loves them and they are easy for the diaper bag but they have worked perfectly for me when I need something sweet or a crunch.
  4. Plantain Chips: Trader Joes, you stress me out with your tiny aisles and limited selections but these plantain chips are your redemption. And your dark chocolate peanut butter cups... I could do a whole post on their non Whole 30 treats another day.
  5. Aidells Chicken Apple Sausage: Costco sells this in a three pack and I eat about that in 30 days. It's an easy breakfast, I add it to our hash, and I cut it and cook it in bulk to be put in portioned packages in the fridge to add to my lunch in a hurry. 
  6. Cashew Milk: because there are many things that are hard about Whole 30 and for me Black Coffee might be in the top 5. 
  7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Everyone already knows, loves, and uses EVOO but when you cut butter, all other oils, and cooking sprays from your diet you cook with this in almost everything. Make sure this never runs out!

Eggs: I'm not a Cage Free Organic specific kind of person. Eggs are eggs and you'll eat a lot of them.
All of the Vegetables: I don't need to show you pictures of veggies for you to know what I am talking about here.
Clementines: Maybe this is just telling of me but I love these things and as far as produce goes, they keep for a good amount of time so I never have guilt buying them in bulk.
Sparkling Water: I blame Tim's family for turning me into a Diet Coke junkie. I had to cut it back when I was pregnant with Gemma so I knew it was possible but it's still a hard habit to break. Thankful for Shannon who suggested I supplement flavored seltzer to wean. Any brand, most flavors, it's not Diet Coke but it's also not plain water.