Tips for a Maternity Shoot

Hi! So in all honesty, I really did maternity photos (aka 15 minutes of giving my mom the camera and directing her through it) because I realized I hadn't taken many photos in general throughout this whole process but it wasn't something that I was obsessed with the idea of doing. I knew I wanted to photos to look back on but the newborn ones are much more important to me. 

So having said that, the advice below is definitely coming from the photographer side of me NOT the client side. This is one of the few dresses that fit and it was kind of all last minute so definitely do as I say not as a do for a successful maternity shoot :) 

  • What do I wear? Try and find something that flatters the bump while also finding something your comfortable in. Like I mentioned, this dress fit but this is not usually the coloring I recommend. For beach shoots, I find pastels look really pretty with khakis- it just compliments the sand and that beach grass really well. Also, keep in mind- if you're doing a long dress, if it's one similar to mine, you will have to pretty much always have a hand below your belly to show off the bump. If you don't want to do that, look for something like Stephanie's red dress here where the bump is plenty accentuated on its own. Another side note (which I did not follow) is that if you want to mix it up, it helps to go with texture as opposed to patterned. So you can put a chunky open sweater on if it's colder or something along those lines. It's a save way to add some depth without worrying about conflicting patterns. 
  • How do I choose a location? Honestly, a lot of people ask me this as the photographer so your best bet is starting there. They know the best local spots and the best times to go. Now if you're pulling a me and doing it on your own, focus on a beach or park where you know you can at least have a little separation so you don't have to deal with cars in the background or people constantly walking through the shot. 
  • How do I not look awkward? So I struggle with this on the reg. Which is why I'm the photographer not the subject. When it all comes down to it, don't force it. I try to start in regular poses that you would do regardless of being pregnant- typical standing next to each other, hugging from behind, those sorts of things and then adjust for the bump. My (personal) view on maternity photography is it's more like an engagement shoot with a belly as opposed to focusing on it. Now A LOT of people see that differently, so that's just my opinion but it certainly helps you feel a little less awkward. 

Comment below if you have any maternity shoot questions! 

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Baby Shower & 28 Week Update

These two girls are seriously amazing! They threw me the most beautiful baby shower and I truly don't know what I would do without them! (Aka I text them everyday with pregnancy questions, newborn concerns, literally everything.) 

So blessed to have so many ladies from the "Casey" side of the family to celebrate Baby Magee!

He comes to a baby shower and immediately is holding the only baby there- you think he's ready for our little one to get here?!

~ Dress: Pea in the Pod   |   Food: Alaina's Bake Shoppe  ~

I can't believe how quickly the second trimester went by! Two weekends ago this baby was totally showered with love from families and friends and then as if that wasn't enough, my sweet sister-in-laws had a virtual shower (another post with all of the details coming soon!) for us! I am totally getting into nesting mode already. 

Overall, I've been feeling good! I am starting to hit a tired wave again but I'm not sure if that's just because we've been so busy and had friends in town or this baby really is ready to take over every aspect of my body again- probably a combination of both? 

My favorite part about pregnancy by far is the kicks. I love love feeling this baby move around (and I was definitely one of those before I got pregnant with the reaction of "that's bizarre to have something moving inside of you!) It's so fun to have something so tangible while you're waiting for the little one to make his or her arrival. 

In all honesty, I have two aspects of pregnancy that have hit me the hardest. 1) The body changing. This was something that Ry and I had to kind of brace ourselves for because working on my body has also been something important to me so I will admit there are days that I struggle with the weight gain and the stretch marks and everything in between but I really try to focus on the wonderful miracle at work here. 2) The negative stories that are shared. Our nurse in the newborn class warned us that people tend to tell the worst stories- "My labor was 58092347 hours long", losing a baby in your third trimester, things along those lines. I had (and still do) a really hard time getting those out of my head. I would panic if I wouldn't feel kicks for a few hours (when really I was moving around so I probably missed them anyway.) Again, I go back to the solution of my first struggle and that is just appreciate what is happening. I can't believe in just under 3 months I won't be pregnant anymore and I feel like we just found out. 

Bottom line, Ry and I cannot wait to meet baby magee (and finally know if we have a son or daughter! that part is really starting to kill me) and I am trying to appreciate every moment I have left of rooming with this little one :) 

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Saying Thank You with Basic Invite

Thank you to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post! 

We cannot believe it's already the middle of March! Torey is already packing up and moving on to her next clinical and Ryan so delicately reminded me that I am almost in my third trimester- where has the time gone?! 

One of the things on the "baby to-do" list that kept getting pushed back was definitely my thank you notes. My baby shower is in a couple of weeks and I desperately needed thank you cards. One of my biggest struggles was finding gender neutral ones because my husband SOMEHOW convinced me not to find out the gender of our baby and do you know how hard it is to find gender neutral yet adorable baby shower thank yous?! One of the features that I love most about the Basic Invite cards is that you can customize all of the colors- including envelopes! They have so many options too- with more than 180 colors for the card and then at least 40 colors for the envelopes I literally was able to create the exact gender neutral thank you I wanted and Torey picked out her simple yet adorable thank you notes that she needed for her birthday. The best part is as you're picking and choosing, you get a live preview with all the color swaps so that you know exactly how it's going to turn out. 

They also have options that include foil prints which is what we did on our "She's Just My Sister" stationery and it's such a subtle yet feminine and delicate detail that we loved! It took a standard piece of stationery and added a little flare. 

If you're working on a project that is a bigger deal than baby shower thank yous, Basic Invite also lets you order custom samples- just to double check. I truly wish I had found them when I was ordering my graduation or wedding invites because it was such an easy process and takes all of the stress away of messing something up.

P.S. I totally got sucked into looking through the picture graduation cards and the graduation thank you cards (some of my favorites are above) because the photographer side of me couldn't help myself and they have SO MANY cute layouts that aren't over the top. Definitely recommending them to my senior shoot clients.

Lastly, because I had personally never seen this on an invitation site, and then we promise we'll stop ranting about how great this stationery is, Basic Invite has a feature where you can share a link through social media to request family and friends' addresses and be stored in your account! I mean- does any one else have 57839 texts to go through when they start requesting addresses from friends and family?! When it comes time to order, you just simply select the recipients and all of the addresses are right there. 

Anyway, if you are anything like us and appreciate a really wonderful piece of stationery, Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 so go check them out! They have something for every occasion and is just so customizable- it was truly a breath of fresh air to be able to mark it off my baby to-do list. 

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