9 Wedding Registry Must-Haves

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I figured with Ry and I just celebrating our one-year anniversary I would evaluate what was truly to most important on our wedding registry list. What was on your registry that you can't live without? 

1. Kate Spade Plates and 2. Kate Spade Bowls: I am seriously obsessed with them. Ry and I mixed and matched her four sets but they're durable, adorable and most importantly, do great in the dishwasher. 

3. Pottery Barn Blanket: Ry didn't want to put a $100 blanket (or whatever it costs) on our registry but now he is seriously obsessed. He calls it our napping blanket and uses it everyday. 

4. Pottery Barn Book Shelf: This was a game changer. We felt weird putting it on our registry because it was so expensive but an entire family of aunts and uncles went in on it together and we would have a serious book problem if we didn't have it. 

5. Pottery Barn Wine Rack: This was one that we hesitated one because it was like are we really fancy enough to have a wine rack? The answer is probably not but I am OCD enough that it's amazing to not have wine bottles sitting on my counter tops. 

6. Samsonite Matching Suitcases: These are seriously the best suitcases ever! We both got the carry-on size and they fit so much without being bulky and are so easy to maneuver. 

7. Rowenta Iron: So I'm sad because I couldn't find the EXACT one that we have but investing in a good iron is a serious game changer. Now ironing it's as painful as it was before :) 

8. Aroma Rice Maker: Okay, so this probably should've been #1. Ry and I are really rice challenged and could never get it right (don't judge us.) If you have the same problem, you NEED this in your life. 

9. Rowenta Steamer: Words can't even justify this guy. I use it almost every day and it's truly a life saver. 

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365 Days of Marriage

Photography by McCoy Made

Ceremony Venue: St. Anne's Church

Reception Venue: The Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

Wedding Planner: For the Love of Mackinac (Carol is seriously an angel)

Floral/ Catering/ Cake: The Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

I can't beleive Ry and I have already been married for a full year! When I first thought about doing a "one year of marriage" post, I thought I was going to write all of these insightful things of what the first year of marriage is like. I read all of these articles when we were engaged (and people told us) that the first year is the hardest. There's adjustments to be made (which were more than the 487296 steps to change my last name) but that in the bliss of being married, there would be an element of struggle. 

Well, if the first year of marriage is the hardest, Ry and I are in pretty great shape. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not naive- I know there are hard times to come (it's pretty inevitable in life) but there's no one else I would tackle life with. Ry makes me laugh and deals with me being legitimately crazy (one time I was sitting on the floor of our closet crying because I felt like I didn't have clothes to wear? don't ask) but he claims to love me anyway. 

So my advice? I don't really have any. I will tell you that communicating is our absolute key. There have been times where we certainly get frustrated but instead of storming off and cleaning (definitely my move) we talk about it right then and there and we forget about it 20 minutes later. 

Ry, I have loved every single of the 365 days we've been married and can't wait to see what all the days ahead have to bring us. 

Also, I never shared this but below is our wedding video (which I watch probably on a weekly basis) by the AMAZING Drew Mason. Guys, if I have a piece of advice about your wedding day- HIRE A VIDEOGRAPHER! Seriously I'm obsessed. Okay, I'll just let you guys watch it now. Oh, and if you wanna know about our planning, details or our wedding day you can visit some older blog posts here and here

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Beauty Counter: Lip Sheer

In the next couple of weeks, Rylee and I are collaborating with Rylee's good friend, Maureen, to share some awesome beauty and skincare products that we are loving! Maureen works for Beautycounter, a beauty company that strives to create non-toxic and high performance products. One of the missions of Beautycounter is spreading education about safe versus unsafe products, and hopefully we can help this mission by sharing these posts.

If I'm being honest with you, "safe" was never a word I prioritized when selecting my skincare products. I looked for products that were inexpensive and long-lasting; I wanted to accomplish the "natural look" but never researched if the product itself was natural! Sounds crazy, right?? I mean we all care about the ingredients in our foods but when was the last time you assessed the ingredients listed on the back of your makeup? My answer to that question was NEVER. YIKES! 

To put things into perspective, the EU bans over 1,500 toxic chemicals from personal care products, while the US only bans 30! Beautycounter finds this just as scary as I do and are working to change these laws and regulations as we speak. In the meantime, we can count on Beautycounter for safe (and high quality!) products. They have created "The Never List", which is essentially a list of toxic chemicals you will never find in their products. You can read about some of the chemicals they are trying to eliminate on their website and compare the never list to the ingredients in your beauty products. For example, I found out the mascara I use every single day has a chemical called BHT in it. I had never heard of BHT before, but apparently its a "synthetic antioxidant used to extend shelf life" and are "likely carcinogens and hormone disruptors and may cause liver damage". Would you ever have suspected your mascara could lead to liver damage?? I advise you to compare your favorite products to The Never List (they even have a pocket sized version you can take to Sephora with you!). Beautycounter created a very informative video explaining their mission and you can watch it here!

I tried out the Sheer Lipstick in Rose and loved it! It's the perfect shade for an everyday elegance. The lipstick itself is very moisturizing. I did have to reapply a few times throughout the day to maintain the vibrant shade, but it faded so smoothly and uniformly that you couldn't even tell I needed to reapply! 10/10 would buy again (but next time I might try out the Twig shade)!

Hopefully this post was educational and eye-opening for all you readers! Be on the lookout for Rylee's post on the Beautycounter sunscreen coming up next week. If you have any questions about Beautycounter's products or mission, let us know in the comments below! Also let us know if you use any Beautycounter products that you love. I'm thinking about trying out the mascara next and would love to hear your reviews!

Thank you, Beautycounter, for having my back (and my lips)!

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