Family Thanksgiving Video

Happy New Years, friends!! (okay, it's way past New Years but that's when I started writing this post)

In typical Magee fashion, I procrastinated big time, and just now got around to finalizing the video I made for our THANKSGIVING holiday. Oops!! Better late than never, right? 

As you know, the Magee family is very spread out (Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, Washington DC, Michigan, AHHH), and we don't get to see each other as often as we would like. Because of this, our time together has come to be so special and what better way to document that special time than a video. Hope you guys enjoy!

P.S. In case you guys missed it in our actual Thanksgiving post, Rylee and the gang surprised EVERYONE (except Torey- she knew and we were all so jealous) hence all of the screaming and crying at the beginning of the video.

love, the procrastinator

yes, this is maddie and yes it took me this long to come up with a name (hence, the name)

A Night at the Theatre

~ Dress: Vince Camuto (sold out, similar here)   /   Sweater: Bobeau /  Shoes: BCBG Generation (similar under $100 here)     /    Sunglasses: Tory Burch ~

This outfit is from a couple of weeks back- Ry and I went to Stuart to watch my cousin's daughter in her production of "Legally Blonde" and it was so cute! It's so nice to go and do something out of the ordinary.

I've been dying to do the bootie with dress look and while Ryan called it "trendy" aka not his favorite, I liked it. Do I think that it would've looked better if my legs were a little tanner though? Eh probably.

the outlaw,


A Very Magee Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!

It’s Torey, Maddie, and Meghan, sharing with you how we spent our Christmas in Tarpon Springs, FL. We are starting to experience the sad but necessary reality that is sharing Christmas with the in-laws. Rylee, Tim, and little Gemma spent Christmas with the Kenney’s in South Bend, IN, and Ryan and Christine spent Christmas in Asheville, NC with Christine’s grandparents. We missed them very much, but were able to celebrate Christmas in our little way……… kind of.

As anti-Christmas as it sounds, we made the decision to postpone Santa this year. The magic of Christmas tradition is just more fun with the whole clan present. With that being said, we did not lose sight of what Christmas is truly about; celebrating the birth of our Savior while truly being present with those you love. This is the ultimate tradition of Christmas, and this is what roots our family in our Catholic faith.

Here are just a few Magee Christmas traditions that we would like to share with you all:

  • Sibling Secret Santa
  • agee Bowl Mania: football picks
  • Appetizers for Christmas Eve dinner
  • Christmas morning mass (followed by mom's allotted 10 minutes of pictures)
  • Mom's homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast
  • Doing a puzzle with the family (and dad always hiding the final piece so he can complete it)
  • Baking/decorating cookies
  • Matching pajamas
  • Family games – any kind of competition with us

Some of these traditions got postponed for Rylee and Christine’s arrival, which means we get to celebrate Christmas for two weeks straight, essentially. No complaints here! 

What are some of your family Christmas traditions?

Meghan: "It's the twitchlets!"

Torey and Maddie: "No Meghan... we're the twitches and you're the tweeblet."

One of Maddie's greatest friends from grade school and high school spent the weekend with us! Jess works at Disney World in Orlando. It was magical to spend some time with our favorite Princess! 

Thomas, go hold that in front of the Christmas tree and act like you got it from Santa.
— Julie Magee


Merry Christmas from our family to yours,

torey, Madeline and Meghan