Tuesday shoesday: Sketchers

~  Shoes: Skechers   //   Bathing Suit: Target Vanilla Beach (also love it as a one piece and long line)  //   Shorts: Forever 21 (similar here-and on sale!)   //   Sunnies: Jessica Simpson (similar here)  ~

As part of the Misfit Wearables giveaway, I also won a pair of Sketchers. I have to be honest with you; I haven't owned a pair of Sketchers since middle school (over 13 years ago!) and never thought I would own a pair again, but these shoes are AMAZING! It feels like I'm walking on a yoga mat all day, which is ideal when your future occupation requires you to be constantly on your feet (or if you just want to throw them on to walk to the pool). And I don't think I have to tell you how cute they look! Do your feet a favor, and go order a pair. I'm going to do myself a favor and order them in every other color (they also come in white, black, gray, and taupe).

The favorite,


Fawn Design

~ Bag: Fawn Design  //  Shirt: Banana Republic  //  Shorts: Banana Republic  //  Shoes: Skechers (these are seriously so comfortable!) ~ 

Since I started photographing families and especially now that I have gotten into weddings, I was looking for the perfect camera bag. One that was easily accessible, especially meaning I didn't have to lay it on the ground to open it, but also lightweight and if we're being honest, cute. I came across Fawn Design because of a blogger I follow and she had advertised it as a camera bag so I immediately fell in love. It was when I went to the website that I realized it was actually a diaper bag but let me tell you- it's still the best bag of all time. It holds so much! I fit a built camera, a 70-200 mm and my flash in there. I constantly wear it as a backpack if I don't really need to dig into it and then as a messenger bag when I need it more accessible. I honestly don't think I'll go back to any other camera bag :) (And if we're being honest, I'll probably order one as a diaper bag when we get to that point- NOT a spoiler alert - we are not having a child yet.) 

the outlaw, 


The Beauty Crop

Okay so first off, I clearly have to tell Ryan to let a girl know when her hair goes from "cute messy side bun style thing" to "the wind has taken over your messy bun and now you look crazy" so ignore the insane hair in some of these photos. Anwaayyy, I got this set of colors from The Beauty Crop in an instagram giveaway and let me tell you- they're my new favorite go to. They don't dry out your lips and they legit stay on all day! I love the variety they give- the first one is more of a romantic pale pink, the second is honestly my go to for every day- enough lip to make me look like I put effort into my makeup- woo hoo! And the third is a bold berry and perfect for a girls night out. I have always been a lip gloss girl but let me tell you, these beauty crops are changing my ways :) 

the outlaw,