Beauty Counter: Lip Sheer

In the next couple of weeks, Rylee and I are collaborating with Rylee's good friend, Maureen, to share some awesome beauty and skincare products that we are loving! Maureen works for Beautycounter, a beauty company that strives to create non-toxic and high performance products. One of the missions of Beautycounter is spreading education about safe versus unsafe products, and hopefully we can help this mission by sharing these posts.

If I'm being honest with you, "safe" was never a word I prioritized when selecting my skincare products. I looked for products that were inexpensive and long-lasting; I wanted to accomplish the "natural look" but never researched if the product itself was natural! Sounds crazy, right?? I mean we all care about the ingredients in our foods but when was the last time you assessed the ingredients listed on the back of your makeup? My answer to that question was NEVER. YIKES! 

To put things into perspective, the EU bans over 1,500 toxic chemicals from personal care products, while the US only bans 30! Beautycounter finds this just as scary as I do and are working to change these laws and regulations as we speak. In the meantime, we can count on Beautycounter for safe (and high quality!) products. They have created "The Never List", which is essentially a list of toxic chemicals you will never find in their products. You can read about some of the chemicals they are trying to eliminate on their website and compare the never list to the ingredients in your beauty products. For example, I found out the mascara I use every single day has a chemical called BHT in it. I had never heard of BHT before, but apparently its a "synthetic antioxidant used to extend shelf life" and are "likely carcinogens and hormone disruptors and may cause liver damage". Would you ever have suspected your mascara could lead to liver damage?? I advise you to compare your favorite products to The Never List (they even have a pocket sized version you can take to Sephora with you!). Beautycounter created a very informative video explaining their mission and you can watch it here!

I tried out the Sheer Lipstick in Rose and loved it! It's the perfect shade for an everyday elegance. The lipstick itself is very moisturizing. I did have to reapply a few times throughout the day to maintain the vibrant shade, but it faded so smoothly and uniformly that you couldn't even tell I needed to reapply! 10/10 would buy again (but next time I might try out the Twig shade)!

Hopefully this post was educational and eye-opening for all you readers! Be on the lookout for Rylee's post on the Beautycounter sunscreen coming up next week. If you have any questions about Beautycounter's products or mission, let us know in the comments below! Also let us know if you use any Beautycounter products that you love. I'm thinking about trying out the mascara next and would love to hear your reviews!

Thank you, Beautycounter, for having my back (and my lips)!

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Our Pre-Children Bucket List

~ Dress: Lucky Brand (similar maxi version here)  //  Shoes: Old Navy (old, similar here and here

Ry:   Shirt: Banana Republic (he lovesss these tees)  //  Shorts: Lucky Brand- on sale! (I just made him get these and he said they're legit the most comfortable shorts he's ever owned)  ~ 

Ry and I have definitely been flirting with the family topic recently. It's something that we've always wanted but it also got us thinking if there were things that we wanted to do before we had kids. Not that anything listed below we can't do with kids, but ya know, cherishing the TINK years? Ry and I are both thoroughly motivated by lists and not very good at being adventurous on our own so we figured we'd give this a shot. I'll keep you posted on how we do! 

  1. Go to Disney: CHECK
    1. Okay so in my defense, we started this list prior to us actually returning to Disney and it's only just making it to the blog now. But this was important to us because while of course we'll take our kids to Disney, it holds such a special place in our hearts, we wanted to do a trip just the two of us. 
  2. Go to Michigan: SCHEDULED
    1. Again, of course we are going to go here with our children, but wanted to make sure to have a trip for us to enjoy the midwest with just us. 
  3. Friends Trip: IN THE WORKS
    1. The number one thing that Ry and I miss about Gainesville are our friends Will and Ali. Will and Ry worked together and then after Ry and I started dating, we did a double date and that was that. They got married three weeks before us (you can see that trip here) so Ali and I got to go through the wedding planning process together while the boys suffered through (aka drank beers together). We definitely want to plan a trip with them (Tampa, Kiawah, North Carolina, the possibilities are endless!) before we have kids. 
  4. NYC: Possibly? 
    1. Ry has only been to NYC once when he was in high school and I've been a couple times in college with my family to go to the U.S. open. This one I wouldn't mind doing with children but given that we would only be able to for a few days, in order to jam pack everything, I just feel it would be easy to not have to worry about nap times. 
  5. Ireland: Unrealistic but dream big kid
    1. This one ended up on here because of the unfortunate circumstances Ry and I had going to Europe right after we got married. We were headed to London for a wedding (see some photos here) and we were supposed to have 24 hours in Ireland on the front end- we had the Guinness factory booked, staying in a castle, all these wonderful things and then due to flight delays and all that fun stuff, that portion got cancelled and we went straight to London. Ireland has always been on our bucket list and will stay, regardless of children :)  
  6. Down Payment on a House: Only God Knows
    1. So this one is one that I struggle with and I hesitated putting on but I ultimately decided to because it was the truth. I have a tendency to get fixed on logistics- I want everything to be perfect. Right now, Ry and I live in a beautiful 2/2 apartment and the second bedroom is Ry's and mine's office (we have his and hers desks) and then a pull-put couch for guests. My perfectionist mind would love to have a 3/2 and have a room to call a nursery. But when it comes down to it, if we have a wonderful baby in our 2/2 I know I'm not going to be worried about having an extra bedroom. As people say, you make it work! 
  7. Own my Own Photography Business: Time Will Tell
    1. This one is tough- again while ideal that I own my own business, work from home, make my own schedule, only time will tell as to how fast and on what scale my business grows. I love my job at PBA now and the steadiness of that income allows me to take risks in the photography business and certainly takes the pressure off if I don't have a shoot every weekend. But I'll continue to push and my ultimate goal is to all least be able to go full-time by baby #2. 
  8. Run a 5k (possibly a 10k- that's Ry's goal): Gonna Need to Make This Happen
    1. I'm sure most of you are reading this as "Is she kidding? That's barely anything!" Here's my thing- I really really hate running but really really would like to be a runner. Not intense but I would love to be able to run 5 miles and have it be a good workout but not be on the verge of tears. So mainly, I put this as #8 so I'm forced to hold myself accountable.

What do you guys have on your list?!

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Waimea Valley + VLOG

~ Jean shorts: Lucky (I'm seriously obsessed and I wore them almost every day in Hawaii)  //  Swimsuit: Swim n' Sport (top/bottom) (I also found it here and here  and a one piece!~ 

Ry and I were so proud of ourselves when we found Waimea Valley! This was our spontaneous portion of the trip. We were trying to kill time before dinner in North Shore and came across the valley and said why not? So we hiked - literally it looks like Jurassic Park- and then jumped in the water fall! It was decently cold (#floridaproblems) but swam and touched the waterfall and then immediately got out! 

Ry and I are desperately now obsessed with hiking so if you any one has any recommendations really anywhere in Florida- yes, I know what I'm asking, FL is very flat but it's worth a shot- we're all for it! 

As for the video below, Ry and I have decided while it is more work and you have to consciously get video footage everywhere you go (we didn't succeed this trip but we got better!) that we want to make a little mini vlog for every big trip we go on. We've already watched it four times and it's just such a nice way to relive your trip. PS any vlog/editing/video tips you guys have feel free to pass them along! 

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